Top 12 Fundraising Tips for FFB Sight-Savers

January 15th, 2014 by FFB Canada

The Foundation Fighting Blindness mission is supported by a team of incredible online fundraisers we like to call Sight-Savers. Our Sight-Savers are provided with their very own online fundraising page, a chance at great prizes, and helpful fundraising support from our team.

Today we’d like to share our Top 12 Fundraising Tips for Sight-Savers. These tips will help you strengthen your fundraising efforts and bring us closer to restoring hope and sight. If you’re not yet part of our Sight-Savers team, sign-up today!


1. Set Your Goals High

We set a default fundraising goal for you—but don’t let that stop you from thinking big! Raising money for this cause is a personal commitment but it’s also empowering. Consider the impact of your fundraising for sight-saving research breakthroughs – and challenge your initial goals! Go to ‘My Fundraising Goal’ to update your fundraising goal at any time.

2. Remember the golden rule of fundraising: If you don’t ask, you don’t get

Have you asked all your coworkers, classmates, family and friends to donate yet? It’s easy to upload your entire contact list and then send a personal note asking them to donate to your fundraising efforts. Tell them why vision research is important to you. That will help rally their enthusiasm!

3. Make a personal donation first

Be the first to donate to your campaign! Make your donation an example for your friends, family and coworkers to follow. They’ll be inspired by your personal commitment!

4. Add your personal fundraising page link to your e-mail signature

By adding a link to your personal fundraising page to the signature line of your e-mails, you will receive some unexpected donations.

5. Ask for a specific amount

Be specific about how much you would like as a donation. You can also tell donors what your average donation has been and ask them to beat it.

6. Say thank you

One of the most important elements of your fundraising campaign is to thank your sponsors! Send an additional thank you e-mail, e-card, or even a handwritten note or phone call. This can lead to additional support and will make your donors feel appreciated.

7. Throw a party

Get your family, friends, and coworkers to join you. Set a date for your event. Have guests make a donation to your personal fundraising page before the event, whether they can attend or not.

8. Use Facebook

Are you on Facebook? Use the Facebook link on your personal fundraising page or from the Get Sponsors area after logging into to promote your campaign on your Wall.

9. Use Twitter

Tweet about your fundraising efforts and link to your fundraising page. We make it easy! Just click on the Twitter icon on your personal fundraising page or from the Get Sponsors area after logging in and a tweet will be sent out to all your Followers.

10. Keep your network updated on your success

It’s important to follow up with your donors. Make sure you keep your entire address book updated on your fundraising success. Tell them about how exciting it is for you to be an FFB Sight Saver and to raise money for a sight-saving cause. Send them a second or third e-mail to let them know how close you are to reaching your goal.

11. Create a video message

You can upload a video message to your personal fundraising page letting all your visitors know what their support means to you. Share how their donations will help to fund vision research breakthroughs.

12. Challenge your class or department

Challenge your class or department to quickly reach a specific fundraising goal. Get them to join in the fun and create a page. Some friendly competition is okay when the funds raised are going to such a good cause. Offer an enticing reward – take them to dinner, buy them coffee for a week, throw a party!