Stem Cell Tourism: How to Protect Your Eyes from Dangerous Charlatans

March 7th, 2017 by FFB Canada

As the race to restore sight speeds up, there are some unfortunate side effects, including direct-to-consumer marketing by dangerous, unapproved stem cell clinics.

Experts estimate that there are approximately 600 stem cell businesses in the United States that are operating as “clinics” that offer untested and unproven “treatments” to patients who are desperate to try anything.

Stem cell businesses claim that they have the ability to treat a wide range of diseases, including blinding eye diseases. Last year, one of these clinics stopped treating eye conditions when two patients lost their vision after receiving stem cell injections and proceeded to file law suits against the company. These companies have found legal loop-holes that allow them to avoid many regulatory checks and balances that prevent doctors from doing harm.

Unfortunately, there are no cures for blindness and no proven stem cell treatments for vision loss yet.

Don’t be duped by these dangerous stem cell clinics! When there is a tested, proven stem cell therapy that is safe to treat vision loss, you will be able to access it through your eye doctor. Never pay money to get an unproven injection, regardless of what the advertising might say!

Learn more about the legitimate clinical trial process.

Our Director of Research, Dr. Mary Sunderland, discussed the dangers of stem cell tourism in our most recent Facebook Live broadcast. She touches on a number of exciting topics during this session. The stem cell tourism segment begins around the 11:35 mark.