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Turning Genetic Knowledge Into Therapies

June 29th, 2015 by FFB Canada

…began funding Dr. Ian MacDonald’s choroideremia research in 1985. Today we are thrilled to announce that his first clinical trial of a gene therapy for treating choroideremia has officially begun….

"Gene Therapy Has Arrived!"

March 26th, 2019 by FFB Canada

Canada’s first ocular gene therapy clinical trial was led by Dr. Ian MacDonald. The FFB was proud to be one of the funders who made this trial possible – as…

Stephanie Kowal on Ethical Communications

September 14th, 2016 by FFB Canada

…information. My name is Stephanie Kowal, and I work as a Research Associate for University of Alberta Professors, Drs Tania Bubela and Ian MacDonald. Drs MacDonald and Bubela co-lead the…

The Genetics of Choroideremia

May 6th, 2013 by FFB Canada

Dr. Ian MacDonald and his team at the University of Alberta are internationally recognized experts in the study of choroideremia, a rare blinding disease that typically affects young men beginning…

Ocular Gene Therapy Centre Established at U of A

October 9th, 2013 by FFB Canada

A $5 million grant from Alberta’s provincial health funder is establishing a Canadian Centre of Excellence for ocular gene therapy research. Drs. Ian MacDonald and Tania Bubela at the University…