Vision Quest is an education event for individuals with retinal diseases and their families

Learn more about emerging treatments, revolutionary assistive technologies, nutrition, managing eye disease and more! 

Vision Quest is ideal for individuals & families living with age-related macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, choroideremia, Leber congenital amaurosis, rod-cone dystrophy, Stargardt disease and retinoschisis.

Sessions include: Eating for Healthy Eyes, Restoring sight: The Bionic Eye & Argus II, Stem Cell Research, Your Questions Answered, Assistive Technology and Low Vision Aids, Networking & More!


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Hamilton Session


$20 (After Sun. Oct 19)

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$50 (After Sun. Aug 31)

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Senior (Calgary & Toronto)

Age 65+









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Vision Quest 2013: Audio

Ideal for patients, family and friends, the Vision Quest patient conference provides a unique opportunity to learn about new and exciting research, ask questions of top retinal experts, and meet other people and families affected by retinal disease. Each year the conference features an exciting new line-up of researchers and topics.

Following the success of the Vision Quest 2013 conferences, we are pleased to provide audio recordings of our keynote lectures and breakout sessions from Toronto, London, Vancouver and Ottawa.

Vision Quest 2013 - Toronto (AMD Only) - Audio

Vision Quest 2013 - London - Audio

Vision Quest 2013 - Vancouver - Audio

Vision Quest 2013 - Ottawa- Audio

Vision Quest 2012: Audio

Looking for even more information? Explore our audio and video recordings of Vision Quest 2012 from St. John's, Edmonton and Toronto.

Vision Quest 2012 - St. John's - Audio

Vision Quest 2012 - Edmonton - Audio

Vision Quest 2012 - Toronto - Audio

Vision Quest 2011: Audio/Video

Looking for even more information? Explore our audio and video recordings of Vision Quest 2011 in Halifax, Vancouver and Toronto.

Vision Quest 2011 - Toronto - Webcast

Vision Quest 2011 - Halifax - Audio

Vision Quest 2011 - Vancouver - Audio

For TACtv's coverage of the Toronto event, please visit our FFB in the News section.

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