Dinner in the Dark Raises $1400 for Vision Research

April 11, 2011

Photo by Ian Holroyd, courtesy of North Oakville Today
A group of Oakville high school students shared what it’s like to be blind with 170 hungry guests as they raised $1400 for vision research.

The White Oaks School Activism & Awareness Club hosted Dinner in the Dark, a fundraising banquet in complete darkness, to raise money for sight saving research and the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Each year the club hosts a fundraising event for a charity of their choice. This year the students were inspired by member Molly Burke, who has lost her sight to retinitis pigmentosa.

“People experienced a night of blindness,” said Molly. “They got to experience what so many experience on a day-to-day basis, the only difference is they got to turn the lights on at the end of the night.”

The event was also an evening of education with information booths, featuring the Foundation Fighting Blindness among other service providers for the blind community.

“I think there is so much people don’t know about the blind community,” said Molly. “It’s all about teaching people. They’re not going to know if no one teaches them.”

Education and public awareness are close to Molly’s heart as a Foundation Fighting Blindness youth ambassador. Donate to Molly’s cause today and support sight saving research.

Just like these Oakville high school students, you too can host your own community fundraiser for vision research. Contact info@ffb.ca or 1.800.461.3331.

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