Long-time FFB Volunteers To Receive Prestigious Award From Ontario Government

April 11th, 2016 by FFB Canada

The Ontario Volunteer Service Awards recognize individual volunteers for continuous years of commitment and dedicated service to an organization. This year we would like to congratulate a few of the dedicated volunteers who have given of their time to many of our events in support of the Foundation Fighting Blindness. This spring, each of these outstanding volunteers will be honoured with this award in recognition of their contributions. A big thank you for all you do from The Foundation Fighting Blindness!

Jim Bentley
One of the founding members of Ride for Sight – over 30 years of service

Molly Burke
Speaker and Ambassador for The Foundation Fighting Blindness – 15 years of service

Derek George
Consistently one of the top Ride for Sight fundraisers and lead for his company’s corporate giving day – 20 years of service

Michael Harwood
Chair, Ride for Sight Central Ontario – 15 years of service

Ashfaq (Kash) Husain
Comic Vision London Committee Member – over 5 years of service

Vince & Rosa Lombardi
Fundraiser extraordinaire who has hosted the ‘Light the Darkness’ Dinner and Dance over the past 15 years in support of vision research – 15 years of service

Gavin Morrison
Over 15 years with the Foundation Fighting Blindness and Comic Vision – 15 years of service

Meghan Vanderyt
Young fundraiser who has raised thousands of dollars through participating with Ride for Sight – over 3 years of service


  • Derek

    Congratulations and thanks to all of you for your years of volunteering.