Choroideremia is a rare, X-linked recessive inherited disorder that causes vision loss and eventual blindness. It affects one in every 50,000 Canadian men and may affect several members of the same family. In Canada, those affected are often of Nordic or Irish descent.

• During the earliest stages of the disease, an eye examination may reveal deterioration of tissues in and around the retina. Over time these areas slowly expand.
• Difficulty seeing at night or in dark surroundings, called nyctalopia or night blindness, may be the first symptom experienced.


As of today, there are no treatments for Choroideremia, but an FFB-funded clinical trial is currently underway. The Foundation Fighting Blindness funds leading research into Choroideremia and encourages people living with this disease to enrol in the FFB Patient Registry, which will keep you updated on emerging and ongoing clinical trials and opportunities to participate.

Choroideremia Fact Sheets

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