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Comic Vision Tickets On Sale Now!

February 6th, 2018 by FFB Canada

We are thrilled to announce that Comic Vision is back for another hilarious year of sight-saving comedy. Since 1999, Comic Vision has spread hope and humour coast-to-coast and raised a game-changing $9 million for sight-saving research, treatments and cures for blindness. TICKETS ON SALE NOW! On Thursday, April 19th, Comic Vision Toronto kicks off this year’s tour…

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Four Vision Research and Treatment Trends to Watch in 2018   

January 22nd, 2018 by FFB Canada

With the December 2017 announcement that the world’s first ocular gene therapy had received approval by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there’s no doubt that 2017 was a landmark year for gene therapy. Looking back, 2017 was a year of firsts, including the first stem cell therapy clinical trial for macular degeneration…

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Shorcan Charity Day Raises $7,000 for Vision Research

January 19th, 2018 by FFB Canada

Yesterday, we helped TMX Group close the market for the 20th Shorcan Charity Day! For the last 20 years, Shorcan Brokers Limited has donated one day’s profits to charities, including the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB). Today, we’re thrilled to announce that the FFB and the crucial vision research we support will benefit from $7,000 thanks to…

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Racing Against the Clock

January 18th, 2018 by FFB Canada

Unless there is a research breakthrough very soon, Shelagh Anson’s children will lose their sight in their teens. Rowan and Caroline were born with Usher Syndrome, a disease that affects hearing and sight. They’ve both had hearing problems from day one, but cochlear implants have helped with that. They also have difficulties with balance, but…

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2017 in Review: The Most-Read FFB Stories of 2017

December 22nd, 2017 by FFB Canada

At the FFB, we love writing about vision research. In 2017, we wrote more than 50 stories to share news about stem cell discoveries, CRISPR gene-editing, promising new drug therapies, and emerging treatments for blinding eye disease. Have you read them all? The best place to start is with our top 10 most-read stories of…

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Give the Gift of Sight

November 27th, 2017 by FFB Canada

When my son Bennett was born, he was a beautiful, healthy baby boy. My husband and I couldn’t have been happier. But 10 weeks later, we got shocking news that knocked us off our feet – our little boy had a rare eye disease called juvenile retinoschisis and there was no cure. What we learned…

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A Visit with Dr. Netan Choudry at his Clinic [Facebook Live] (Video)

November 23rd, 2017 by FFB Canada

Watch our Facebook Live Session from November 23, 2017, with Dr. Netan Choudhry, a world-renowned retina expert! We were excited to visit him in his clinic, the Vitreous Retina Macula Specialists of Toronto, and talk with him about his current work! CLICK HERE to view more Facebook Live videos. MAKE A DONATION TODAY

New Gene That Could Cure Blindness [Facebook Live] (Video)

November 10th, 2017 by FFB Canada

Watch our Facebook Live Session from November 10, 2017, where the FFB’s Research and Education Team, Dr. Mary Sunderland and Dr. Chad Andrews, discussed a new gene that could cure blindness and our top learnings from Vision Quest. CLICK HERE to view more Facebook Live videos. MAKE A DONATION TODAY

Announcing our Year-End Campaign: Let’s Bring the Fight

November 7th, 2017 by FFB Canada

This year, our donors and supporters have helped FFB-funded researchers lead the fight against blindness and vision loss. As we approach the end of 2017, we still need your help to ensure that all of the crucial vision research that we’ve committed to support will receive funding. So, we are launching our Let’s Bring the Fight…

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