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Accountability to our Donors / Investing in Research and Education / How your money is used

Does the Foundation use paid fundraising agencies?
The practice of using paid outside fundraisers has been extensively discussed in the media. The Foundation Fighting Blindness does not use these agencies. Instead we maintain a small paid staff in Toronto and Calgary. We are grateful for the time and efforts of hundreds of volunteers across the country who help organize and support local events and provide direction and leadership for our organization.

Who makes the decisions about how donations are invested?
Ultimately all strategic and financial decisions are made by our Board of Directors – a dedicated group of volunteers with representatives from the corporate and medical worlds, as well as individuals affected by vision loss.

To decide which research projects we should fund, our Board of Directors turns to the expertise of our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). This volunteer group of scientists has expertise in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and the cell biology of eye diseases that affect the retina. An open call for research proposals is made each year, and these experts review and rank the submitted proposals (Learn more about this process).  Ultimately, the number of proposals funded is determined by our Board of Directors based on the budget available.

How could more research be funded?
Our capacity to fund research, education and public awareness is determined by the funds available. If you would like to support the Foundation Fighting Blindness in these activities, please visit our online donation centre.

Does the FFB web site accept paid advertising?
No, the Foundation Fighting Blindness does not accept paid advertising on this web site.  

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